Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Swim with Style

Swimwear as a mother can be a nightmare.  The having of babies is not so kind upon the tummy.

Swimming Costumes and high wasted bikinis are the best way to cover that mum tum.  That doesn't mean you can't swim in style.  Here are some current costumes that will make the best of your figure without lacking in fashion.

Flattering to the figure by drawing your eye to the center.

Cover the tum and drawing the eye to an alternative figure shape

Full coverage and distracting print

 Bikinis aren't impossible, go for a high wasted.  The Flagpole Swim below not only covers well but also has a flattering design.

Beautiful Print Swimsuit

Beautiful cut out swim suit that covers the lower tummy

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And need a shoe perfect for the beach? (currently 50% off a bargain £22.50)

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Best Value Pick

This high wasted Polka Dot Bikini from Top Shop is playful and great value.  Currently reduced to £27.20

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Just because we are mums doesn't mean we can't wear fashionable swim wear.  A bit of savvy shopping and even a bikini isn't out of reach.

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