Monday, 8 June 2015

Get Confidence Through Clothes

Looking through my wardrobe I realised there are some clothes that just make me feel more confident.  Pair them with a pair of beautiful heals and I'm boosted all day.  But is this just a crazy quirk of me or is it true in the population as a whole.

According to Professor Karen Pine this isn't a madness held by just me but clothing has an affect on all.

She looked through various research and found that clothing did indeed alter the mind.

For example American Professor Barbara Frederickson conducted an experiment.  Dressing men and women in either swimwear or sweaters she gave them a maths test.  The results showed that wearing a swimsuit decreased the scores for women in the test.  So if you want a day of intellect, avoid swimwear!

Researchers from Northwest University found that dressing students in a white coat improved their mental agility.

To test this herself Karen Pine dressed her students in Superman T-Shirts.  This caused them to feel more likeable, more confident and even stronger.

So what we choose to wear can actually have an impact on our mind, mood and confidence.  So if you wake feeling a little down don't grab for the sweatpants instead dress the bad mood out of your system.

The moral to this story is, if you want to feel strong and confident today put on some superhero wear .... runs off to buy a Supergirl T-Shirt).

Confidence with some Lucky Dip Picks

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