Sunday, 7 June 2015

Dress for Your Mind

Did you know that colour can have an affect on your mind and mood? Research suggests this is the case.  
For instance red can help to create positive feelings.  It is also connected to passion, power and romance.  Based on this a little red dress is far wiser for a first date than a little black one.

Dress in Blue to calm and relax but avoid if you are having a sad day.

Black is the colour of power and authority.  Good to convey you mean business at work.

Wake on the wrong side of the bed?  Then go for yellow.  A happy colour that can also inspire creativity.

Need to look a little more sophisticated?  Then opt for the colour of royalty ... Purple.
Feeling stressed?  Then Green is the colour for you.

On top of this  did you know that the type of clothes you wear can also have a big impact on your mood.  Research has shown the people who spend more time dressed in baggy clothing have a tendency to feel more depressed.  Wearing something more stylised can make you feel happier.  Even better fitting jeans and a nicer top can improve your mood.

Dress up Your dressing down with bright blue jeans and rust top


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Whatever the occasion there's a style and colour to put you in just the right mood to take on the world with glamour and confidence.

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