Sunday, 14 June 2015

Adventures with my Tria Age Defying Laser - 1 month use

Updating on my post in May I've now been using my Tria Laser for a month ... So how has it gone?

After getting used to the laser at the second setting I moved up to level three (about two and a half weeks after starting).

Level three is a bit more painful.  It still feels a bit like tiny pin pricks but each of the four areas are treated for around 90 seconds.  This also means it now takes three times as long to use.  All in all with pre cleansing treating and post serum it still only takes about ten minutes.  The batteries however run down much faster on the highest level and I find myself having to charge it after every couple of treatments.

Post treatment my face now goes tomato red and I'm pretty sure I could cook eggs on my face for at least ten minutes.  It does sting for a while after ... I'd definitely advise avoid touching your face too much as it makes it sorer and don't do this treatment right before bed.  It takes my skin around 30-40 minutes to settle down and then still for a few hours after I look a bit too pink.

As for results well yes I have seen some already even though I'm only 4 weeks into using the laser.

My skin tone is far better and I had quite red cheeks which have settled down considerably.  I suffer a lot from dry skin which has been a lot better since I started using the Tria laser.  Small dark marks on my face are fading and generally my skin tone looks a lot better.

I had started getting a crepe like texture to the skin on my face and this has also improved.  One fine line above my lip and one between my eyebrows is also now less noticeably as are the small lines on my forehead.  Also my skin just feels better ... More bounce than its had for a while.

I'm finding using the laser every day a little tiresome but as I am seeing some improvements I will continue with it and will update in the future on progress.

Very importantly of course I am also using a broad spectrum sun cream of factor 30 on my face religiously.  There's really no point undoing some sun damage just to build up more.

So four weeks in and I'm not unhappy with my laser.  It's not a miracle worker but has given me better results than any cream I have found to date.

Watch this space for future updates!

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