Saturday, 23 May 2015

Me and the Tria Age defying laser

14th May 2015

So in a moment of madness and at a cost of £440 on special offer I have bought myself the Tria Age Defying Laser (gulp still getting over the cost of it gulp).  But at 38 i can see the big 40 looming round the corner.  Any help i can have to fight off natures wicked aging ways and I am willing to try.

The promises are vast.  It claims to "visibly restore the natural luminosity of your entire face, reduce discolouration, improve skin texture and smooth hard-to-treat wrinkles in the comfort of your own home. Penetrating beams of light continuously rebuild collagen beneath the skin’s surface for a more youthful, radiant and refreshed look in as little as 2 weeks."

 The information with the product states that it is designed to use the same technology as professional clinics (fractional non-ablative laser treatments). In comparison to professional treatments £440 is not so expensive. I'm eager to try it .. if only to find out i've made a very expensive mistake.

 As i excitedly leaf through the instructional booklet i see that it has 3 settings. It is recommended to start at setting number 1 and build up to setting number 3. You should do this every day for 8 weeks then take 4 weeks break, then continue for another 8 weeks etc etc...

 I bought the deluxe set with the face wash and finishing serum included (mostly because the special offer made it cheaper to get the deluxe model rather than just the laser). The first step is to cleanse your face to take off all creams and oils. I use the face wash cleanser provided. It smells good but doesn't lather easily. Even so once used my face feels cool and clean, as face washes go its a pleasurable experience.

 Having charged my laser earlier (it is cordless and comes with a charging unit that simply plugs in, no need to replace batteries) i'm now ready and eager to go. As per the instructions i start at level one and sweeps the laser across my face in the first area (the areas to treat are 1st area the left cheek - 2nd area the right cheek - 3rd area the forehead - 4th area the chin. I keep sweeping the laser until i hear one beep. Then i move the laser to my right cheek and start sweeping again (avoiding the eye area .... never get it near your eyes). This time my laser beeps twice to signal i have completed the second area. 3 beeps for the 3rd and 4 beeps for the fourth. each area takes around 30 seconds on level one and feels like tiny little pin pricks against my skin. Its a little painful but very bearable.  I complete the treatment with the finishing serum

 After finish however my face is a bright bright red and toasty warm. Right about now i am thankful i decided to try the laser late at night ... i couldn't go out like this it looks like intense sunburn and i'm radiating heat. Thankfully this only lasts about half an hour then the redness reduces. So lets give this laser thing a try and see how it goes!

** Update 21 May 2015 **

Having used the laser for a week yesterday i moved the laser setting up to level 2.  Now each section takes around a minute.  Still does not take very long to complete.  The redness after had been correcting faster but now i've moved up to level two i am back to looking horribly sunburnt for half an hour and radiating heat.  Still using the laser in the evenings so that i don't have to face the world as a tomato.  Started to get a few little spots coming out.  I believe this is quite expected.

And so i carry on testing out the tria laser.

i will continue to update on my experience with this device.

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